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Printer & supplier of beautiful and affordable decals for ceramics, glass, enamel, porcelain

3D printing
from drawing to model to industrial printing

We produce in the Czech Republic

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Sale of decorative decals. Choose from a wide range of decals in our e-shop.


Custom making of decals for ceramic, glass and enamelled products. We supply complete decoration for all the available assortment.


The current offer of decors from our designers, which is immediately available to you. Choose from several prepared decors for the coming season.


 Production of decorative decals for different burning temperatures. Expensive materials, modern decorative and processing techniques.

We produce & supply

The DEKORTISK is manufacturer and supplier by artistic and industrial original decals for ceramics, porcelain, glass and enamel.

We offer graphic designs and drawing of lithography on individual sizes of assortment.

Quality and ecology

From the first communication with the customer, the decor can be created in a few weeks.
It is our credo to produce environmentally.

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We realize your ideas. Bring your own design or choose from our offer of suggestions. We help with the decoration of large manufacturers, but also small decoration workshops. 


We use the most modern technological means for the production of environmentally friendly decals. We adhere to the standards set and use certified materials.


We produce orders according to the customer's priority. If necessary, we increase production capacities. An important aspect of the processing is the clear idea of the theme of the decor. 


Nationwide, we have the lowest prices because we are in the heart of porcelain and glass production. Interesting price offers even for customers from different corners of the country.


During the year we produce and deliver a large number of decors to our customers throughout the Czech Republic.
From the foot hills of the Ore Mountains to you.
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